One of DEPCON’s beliefs and core values is that a successful construction requires an efficient supply chain. Some contractors do not give the appropriate care to their suppliers, often believing that they can be easily replaced.

However, there is much more to suppliers than just delivering materials. Supply chain problems can result in severe project delays, cost overruns, and/or quality assurance issues. The best way to maintain a steady supply chain in a project is by forming strong and trustworthy relations with the suppliers.  Thus, DEPCON, utilizes a strict Supply Chain Management (SCM) procedure and identifies suppliers as business partners rather than just vendors.

In return, SCM provides a competitive advantage for DEPCON, by enabling us to manage the various factors and variables within the project more efficiently and more effectively than our competitors.

In addition, SCM guarantees efficient management of materials and information to enhance the performance of our suppliers and reduces uncertainty related to materials, equipment, and logistics within the supply chain by creating long-term alliances which further leads to a reduction in costs. Finally, SCM can ensure that the project schedules are created in an effective way, and deadlines are met.

Facilitating diversity in our procurement strategy allows, DEPCON to tap into the widest possible pool of suppliers. This diversity drives a range of business benefits, including certainty regarding the timely availability of the suppliers, innovation, flexibility, sustainability, and value which improves our ability to deliver high-quality projects to our clients according to stipulated standards.

Thus, using the above strategies and procedures DEPCON has established valuable long-term relationships with key suppliers within the Cypriot Market giving us a huge competitive advantage which in return enhances customer satisfaction and DEPCON’s reputation within the industry.