Due to our strong family culture and values, the health and well-being of our people is extremely important to us. At DEPCON everyone is treated individually, as a family member, therefore, our overriding commitment is that everyone goes home safely at the end of each working day. This commitment extends to the physical and mental health, and well-being of all our employees, subcontractors, our supply chain, and all stakeholders that work on or are affected by our operations.

This commitment is top management driven and runs through everything we do as an organisation. This is proven by the fact that despite not being a legal obligation (we employ less than 200 people) DEPCON has a strong in-house Health and Safety coordinator, who is certified by the NEBOSH (National Examination Board in Occupational Safety and Health). Along with the senior management team they provide safety leadership across our projects and focus on promoting and maintaining our culture of ‘zero accidents’. We maintain a rigid no compromise to the health & safety policy in place across our entire business and have one standard: Safety is never compromised.

Our attention lies on the prevention of any work-related injuries and illnesses and we place a high priority on the Occupational Health and Safety for everyone who might be affected due to work activities. We are diminishing any potential Health and Safety risks by leading by example and actively engaging and consulting with our teams and subcontractors on the front line, ensuring everyone is involved in making construction safer in developing and evolving a company-wide Health and Safety culture. The goal is to develop a positive safety culture and mindset where people recognize the safety risk and work appropriately because they acknowledge and believe in it rather than blindly obeying safety rules. This is achieved by exercising effective supervision and mentoring to our employees in Health and Safety.

A leadership team is established for each project in order to maintain our culture and policies towards health and safety at all times. Our employees receive all the trainings regarding Health and Safety at work including relevant equipment handling workshops and first aid. DEPCON provides all employees with the appropriate equipment, tools and PPE to perform their tasks safely and exercises effective supervision and mentoring, while site induction is mandatory for anyone entering our sites.

We ensure that all the machinery and tools on our construction sites comply with the European standards on Health and Safety, while our in-house plant department schedules regular maintenance of all equipment to ensure that they do not deteriorate to the extent that it may put people at risk. As a result of our commitment, the number of annual incidences we experience is extremely small and minimal in severity.

In the following link (O.S.E.O.K) you can find all the Cypriot Laws and Regulations regarding Health and Safety:  CLICK HERE