DEPCON recognizes that project development and construction related services can have a significant contribution to a more sustainable world. Thus, we are devoted to proactive environmental management at all levels.

Through continual improvement in our materials, processes and systems we strive to minimize the environmental impact of our work. As a minimum we ensure that we fulfill our compliance requirements with all the relevant environmental legislation and approved codes of practice.

As a sustainable company, we also have a mission to prevent any harm done to the environment by fully recycling and effectively managing all of our waste. To archive this we collaborate with a number of recycling and waste management organisations. We are a member of the Cypriot Waste Management Organisation (ΚΟΔΑ) and we are cooperating closely to ensure that our waste is collected and handled appropriately in a way that it does not endanger the environment or the local community. In addition to that, prior to each project, a unique Action Plan for Waste Management is prepared in line with the legislation: Waste Law, 2011 (Law No. 185(Ι)/2011).

We have a detailed processes in place, to prevent potential unplanned environmental incidents in our workplace. To achieve this, our Project Managers and Supervisors observe thoroughly all aspects of our construction work and waste management to make sure that our actions and processes have no environmental impact.